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A digital marketing agency London located can take on the complex and ever-changing digital marketing scene and help to ensure that your business rises to the top of search results.

There can only be one number one :

Googling your products and services can make your day or depress you further as you see your direct competition winning the search engine battle. To use a cliché, every digital marketing agency knows that the internet is not a level playing field. A few years ago, many small organisations in business falsely believed that the internet was a great leveller and that throwing millions at Google and other search engines couldn’t buy spiderbot influence. Unfortunately, as every savvy digital agency in the UK will tell you, money talks very loudly on the internet which is why Google is one of the wealthiest and most influential organisations in the world.

Before you rest your head in your hands and wonder what you can do to turn around your online presence without emptying your bank account, you should consult with a leading digital creative agency; through that agency you will come to learn that the internet is very much like the housing market; of course big names can buy properties in Mayfair and Hampstead but there is no reason why your organisation cannot claim a sizeable piece of internet property market. It is definitely not a case of beating the system but more about understanding how the internet actually works and formulating strategies that remain fluid.

Finding the best digital agency in London :

The very fact that you have found this article is as a direct result of certain key words and phrases that you entered into your search box. The agency written about below is an expert in the field of online marketing and understands the minutiae of how search engines operate and the human influences that affect search engine results every day. There is no one simple solution to getting found on the internet; it is much more a case of many tens, hundreds, or even thousands of articles and blogs, search engine optimised with key words, being written and disseminated, complemented by constantly evolving SEO website copy.

Other techniques that your expert online marketing agency should develop include managing an economic pay per click strategy, developing a comprehensive and legal email marketing campaign, instigating a properly controlled natural link building strategy and affiliate marketing plan; optimising all the social media outlets including the big names such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Plaxo, and utilising top quality analytics skills to ensure that your online marketing approach is bang up to date.

There is much more that a leading digital marketing agency can do to help ensure that your organisation has more than a fighting chance of being discovered whenever a potential customer googles relevant keywords. Of course, getting people to your website is only half the story; ensuring that your visitors stay and buy or get in touch with your office depends very much on the quality of your website construction; the quality of your copy; and the quality of your goods and services.

The internet has come of age; broadband has opened the world up to your competition but, with the help of a London located digital marketing agency, it also offers you great business opportunities.

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Why should your digital agency focus on social media?

UK digital agency

Every London digital agency worth more than a handful of pixels will emphasise the benefits of social media to its clients. Of course, the leading contenders are out there for all to see such as Facebook and Twitter but there is much more to social media than spouting 140 characters and spaces to so called followers. For example, companies create viral videos that attract hits on You Tube and are then embedded in various interested parties’ websites around the world. Often the content of the video has little if anything to do with products of the organisation that created it but advertising links located within the video or on the You Tube web page may well lure customers to the originator’s website.

To give an example of how social media can make or break a company or organisation: a renowned department store decided to use Twitter as a means of promoting their products. It’s always a good idea to promote your goods but this particular store placed the famous hash symbol in front of non-related topics so that Twitter users would be lured to the store’s Twitter page and if interested in the product, click a link straight to the department store’s website. Within a week, Twitter users were so outraged by the blatant commercialism of the store that the department store had to issue a grovelling apology and promise never to hash mark random trends again just to attract customers. A few weeks ago, the department store finally closed for business after more than forty years trading. In other words, it’s important to use social media wisely or the beast can turn round and bite you.

If you work with a leading UK digital agency, you will be guided into best practice when it comes to social media. Bogging and search engine optimisation including key words and phrases can play their part but they need to be handled with skill. There are sites where blogs are welcome and they can in turn attract people through link building to your own company website. Over the last year or two, social networking sites including online dating are now feeding back information to people’s mobile devices creating more opportunities for targeted advertising through social media websites.

Blogs and articles that provide useful or offer genuinely interesting news or information will feed people to your pages on Twitter or Facebook or You Tube from where specifically posted Ads can take them to the relevant pages within your website. For example, this article is not a “how to use social networking” blog as that is far too fluid a subject to write in full here; but it is an article that urges anyone who wishes to expand their business or even to stand still to take on board the services of a digital agency London based, so that social networking opportunities can be utilised to their optimum.

Of course, as with all marketing, publicity can work against organisations such as hotels when they find that poor reviews go viral from one holiday review website to another. On those occasions, hotels usually fight back by imploring guests to leave good reviews; however, one bad comment can still do an awful lot of harm. The best advice is to seek the services of an expert agency that has considerable experience with online marketing and social media – it could give your company the marketing oomph it needs.

For more than eight years, goBE Digital (http://www.gobedigital.com/) has been developing long-term relationships with clients in start-ups, SMEs, charitable trusts, real estate businesses, large internet brands, ecommerce websites and portals, and various membership organisations. We help our clients to create effective branding that achieves top search engine rankings through the employment of the latest technological techniques and innovations.

To date, goBE Digital has developed over 500 Web projects and achieved 1,000+ keyword Google 1# page rankings for our clients. We are specialists in eCommerce, Internet Marketing, Technology, including software development, and Content Management. GoBE Digital is user friendly and business focussed, so please get in touch and let’s talk http://www.gobedigital.com/.

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How Do I Find The Best Digital Marketing Agency In London?

The best route to selecting a digital marketing agency in London is to look at their current clients who are within a similar industry sector to your business. Innovative technological know-how combined with wide experience is just one way to make an informed choice of agency.

The internet allows businesses to trade online from anywhere in the world that has a good broadband connection and although it is quite feasible for a company in Greater London to employ the services of an agency based abroad, there will be times when a digital agency UK based is preferable to one situated in the USA or South Africa.

If you are a business located in London, there will be times when it is useful if not essential to meet the key personnel within your choice of digital creative agency; therefore, its geographical location within the UK, and preferably within the M25, should help determine your choice of digital design agency.

Once you have created a short list of agencies that portray themselves as experts in the field of online marketing and digital design, there are a few points that it may be helpful to consider before selecting which of the digital agencies should get your business and money.

The main purpose in selecting the best digital design and marketing partner for your business is to help you increase your sales, perhaps generate greater brand awareness, enter new markets and, in the process, expand your customer base. It is easy to assume that any techno wizard with a smattering of e-commerce website design skills has the experience to take on board your vision and to turn it into a strategy that will bring results.

The only true way to be able to judge whether an agency has the technical and marketing experience to deliver is to see examples of current and past work. It is vital, for the sake of your time and money, that your chosen online marketing agency has the business as well as technical skills to deliver an effective internet marketing campaign.

Business skills grow through experience and developing unique selling points and marketing strategies requires maturity, complemented with technical expertise. Good branding and identifying target markets so that budgets are spent wisely is vital to creating long-term growth through establishing a marketing niche on the internet. Your audience wants to find you but search engines such as Google want you to pay for the privilege; how much you pay, if anything at all, depends very much on your choice of marketing agency.

If you are still wondering how to find the best digital marketing agency in London, then perhaps you should take a short cut and read the copy below. Any new business relationship has its risks; take a look at what your choice of agency has to offer and, most important of all, whether you like the people behind the pixels; if you do, then you’ll probably make the right decision for you and your organisation.

Probably one aspect of the marketing strategy to be adopted by your chosen agency will be identifying your company’s competition and working out the competing organisations’ techniques for achieving online digital success. Marketing can be as much about research and identifying techniques that work as it is developing innovative ideas that may be untested.

Marketing is simply the process of reaching out to your customers or your customers reaching out to you, and it can be achieved through paid advertising, search engine marketing, keyword research and skilful implementation, direct email marketing and various viral campaigns. In other words, an effective marketing strategy is one that is simple and direct, but flexible to changing times and circumstances. What holds good today may not hold good tomorrow. 

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