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Another day, another platform

The Managing Director of a top digital agency in London was quoted the other week as having stated that he hates to go away on holiday as even after two weeks he knows that there will have been yet another big development on the internet. The truth is; he is both right and wrong. Every day, there are new developments On-line and if a week is a long time in politics it is an age on the internet. It is the job of an E-commerce agency in London to keep up to speed with everything that may affect the internet marketing of its clients’ businesses but it is impossible to keep abreast of every single innovation, for one simple reason: the internet is global. The Managing Director is right to be concerned, interested by what goes on On-line, because that is his business, but he is also wrong to consider that every change, every new development, every new whim by Google, should have his agency scuttling around to make sense of it.

It is quite easy to believe that Google rules the world but there are people behind that organization, which, by the way, would not exist if the power goes out. If there is a power cut, people’s houses do not disappear; but Google does. If there is a power cut the food on your table doesn’t disappear; but Google does. If there is a power cut, your car is still outside your house, but Google cannot be found. The point is that people cannot live by Google alone although many feel that they cannot exist if they are not On-line. That feeling of panic when a server goes down is felt by everyone who relies on the internet to survive but if a business is going to thrive in 2012, internet marketing should be handled by those people who make it their business to seek out the best routes to driving traffic and custom to an E-commerce website.

A digital agency London will want its clients to focus on creating the best products or services they can and to enable the internet marketing experts within the E-commerce agency to battle through the latest innovations on their behalf. There has never been a time when so many people have had to absorb so many technical innovations that have a direct impact on their lives. The lesson that we all have to learn is that human nature doesn’t really change and that if the Managing Director of a Ecommerce digital agency wants to take a couple of weeks off, somewhere in the virtual world people will have created something new, such as Google+, but what won’t have changed is the nature of the humans that use the internet.

Nobody wants to be a Luddite, no digital E-commerce marketing expert wants to be ignorant of the latest innovation; but to function well, to not chase virtual tails, it is important for all that live by the internet to appreciate that behind every innovation is just another human mind. It doesn’t mean that internet marketing isn’t crucial to On-line success – it is – but it is also important to retain a calm approach, to not feel rising panic when a clever mind across the world comes up with a brilliant idea. We do live in a global village and it must be remembered that for every brilliant idea for making money On-line, there are a hundred lousy ones. The trick is, not to spend precious time chasing ideas that will eventually wither on the virtual vine. In other words, we must all keep a sense of proportion.

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7 Important Benefits Of Using A Full Service Digital Agency

Digital Agency London

Everyone is a specialist in their own field but the internet has made us all believe that we can be specialists online too, which is simply not the case. When you hire the services of a UK digital agency, you will be paying for expertise in an area of marketing quicksilver that is impossible to fully comprehend unless it is your job to do so. A London Ecommerce digital agency faces fresh challenges everyday when it comes to marketing their clients’ products and services online. The internet is a world that is as big as the Pacific Ocean; in other words, it is beautiful when lapping palm-fringed shores with blindingly white sand but hides online monsters such as Great White Sharks and can turn a ripple into a mighty wave that can overwhelm the shrewdest of business people.

If you are looking to improve your online presence; i.e. thinking of ways to make your website more appealing to search engines and visitors; there are seven reasons why a London digital agency can make all the difference to the effectiveness of your online presence:

  1. Search Engine Optimisation – SEO is not simply pumping key words into your website’s body copy, these days it has to be undertaken much more subtly if you are to avoid being black listed for keyword stuffing. SEO is a science that is changing all the time and includes not just the copy within your website but other aspects of it too. Beyond your website, SEO can play a major role in the placement of articles on third party websites and within news stories and blogs on your own. How SEO is utilised within your web copy and deployed on third-party websites by your digital marketing agency can make all the difference to your free ranking.

  1. Pay Per Click – there is no doubt that Pay Per Click is a route to attracting customers but how it is handled can radically affect the number of zeros in your bill from Google and elsewhere. PPC is definitely an area of the internet that involves a great deal of skill as bidding for keywords in order to climb high amongst the sponsored links can be frustrating and costly if key words are not selected with proper research.

  1. Link building – much is spoken of creating links but it has to be undertaken with a serious level of intelligent design. It also requires a great many relevant links to work and is a painstaking process to undertake. Link building is definitely one of those areas that should be undertaken by experts as the extensive time it can take building the links yourself could seriously damage your business in the short-term. Linking building is not a case of simply stating that you’ll have theirs if they’ll have yours.

  1. Social Media Optimisation – everyone in business is obsessed with social media and Twitter has definitely come of age. Facebook is still king but there are many other social media avenues that should be explored, which takes time and experience. Your online agency will have the skills and knowledge to exploit social media websites effectively, including big names such as YouTube and Bebo, but social media optimisation is more scientific than simply building a long list of friends on Facebook.

  1. Email campaigns – nobody likes to receive spam and so an email campaign needs to be legal before it can begin to be effective. Your design and marketing agency can help you ensure that your database is legally acquired and that your email marketing campaigns will not get caught by spam filters. There is a real marketing skill to getting responses from a well-planned and executed email campaign. Sometimes, the more ordinary the approach the better the result; it all depends on your product and your audience.

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Digital Agencies In London – How To Choose One?

Selecting a London digital agency that will understand your commercial and marketing imperatives is not easy, for two principal reasons: either the digital agency focuses on your website’s design looks rather than its usability and search engine optimization, or the digital agency has considerable skill in creating a good website structure but lacks the expertise to fully exploit the latest online marketing techniques and opportunities.

Digital Agency London

London is the base of some of worlds top digital agencies spread across central and greater London. London, UK’s capital city has an industry and commercial buzz that continues to drive the creative, technical and marketing skills of leading London digital agencies.

Times may have moved on since Mr Marks and Mr Spencer first started out trading from their market stalls but that is what every website is today – a market stall or shop window. The question is; how can a company ensure that its market stall ends up in Oxford Street rather than on two wheels in Fulham’s North End Road?

The answer is to take a little time talking to your selected London digital agency whilst bearing in mind three key points:

  • Jargon – the internet is full of jargon and much of it is spoken by those that only have a scant notion of its true meaning. If your digital agency overdoes the jargon, ask for plain English or, if in doubt, the door.

  • Your terms – it is very easy for digital design agencies to dictate terms because much of what they do flies under your natural business radar. Set out your business stall, and include your timescale and budget, and make sure that the response from your chosen digital agency is wholly transparent.

  • Achievements – you may have approached your Ecommerce development without any form of recommendation, therefore, it is doubly important to determine the true level of the agency’s past successes. Areas to consider include examining not one but several websites that have been created and are managed by your chosen digital agency. Ask for facts and figures regarding Google ranking successes and the level of sales generated. Look at the industry sectors for whom your London digital agency has worked and see where your organisation could benefit from the agency’s previous experience.

Finally, it’s important to determine that your London digital agency has an exemplary design and marketing approach that encompasses the following four points:

  1. A consulting strategy that utilises focus groups, analytics and competition benchmarking;

  2. Development processes that include B2B andB2C Ecommerce;

  3. Design that is in step with your current branding and company ethos; and

  4. Marketing that is technically astute and recognises the essential roles played by Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click, Keywords Research, Email Campaigns, Social Media, Affiliate Marketing and Link Building.

The key to business growth is to get it right online and keep getting it right, which is not easy in a fluid market and tough global economy.

GoBe Digital is a London digital agency that works with its clients to maximise their potential online Ensuring business growth is a challenge for every organisation and requires the support of a digital agency with allround strengths in design, branding, technical development, sharpened marketing skills and a global perspective.

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An Ecommerce Digital Agency Offers More Than You Think

The internet is open for business – but are you venturing in alone? What makes the internet so appealing as a global market place is that it never closes; in the years since the turn of the century, what started out as a dot come bubble has developed into the biggest global marketplace, beyond the imaginings of any one person.

It is a pixel jungle full of opportunity together with quite a few jungle traps that can ensnare the unwary trader. Jungle guides are clever website designers that have developed their skills into becoming an ecommerce digital agency scout, who understands all the sights, smells and sounds that the internet jungle makes. It may be a cliché but it is all too easy when walking alone through the jungle not to be able to see the wood for the trees and to end up going round and round in circles.

A digital agency in London that has looked beyond designing websites and embraced all that the internet jungle has to offer, will guide its clients to finding Inca gold or to tap the best rubber trees. Enough of the metaphors!

The internet, the global marketplace, the dark alleyways where opportunity and trouble lurk in equal measures is where every business has to trade today to stay in business. In the real world of hotels and restaurants, places where goods cannot be supplied from the other side of the world, ecommerce development comes with a double bladed sword; the good ecommerce development is when your digital agency London has created enough online attention to drive traffic to your website and customers to your restaurant or hotel, but the bad ecommerce development is when a competitor restaurateur or hotelier encourages friends to bad mouth your hotel or restaurant on internet platforms such as Trip Advisor and within social networks and chat rooms.

Your personal ecommerce digital agency will know that it is impossible to stop the poison pen contributors online but with a proper strategy, those voices spouting untruths can easily be swamped with good word of mouth. At one time, in the heady days of yesteryear, it was said that all publicity is good publicity but that isn’t the case anymore. The anonymity of the internet does bring out the worst in some people but that is to be expected; not everyone can be a fan whether it is a fan of a newly released novel, or music CD or feature film, there will always be dissenting voices but they can be made to count for little if your marketing strategy is organised and co-ordinated by an ecommerce digital design and marketing agency that really can see the wood through the trees.

Competition for attention is incredibly fierce online because we are no longer operating in our own little areas of the globe; we are all in this together, whether it is a business person in New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, India or England – we’re online together, honing our skills not to beat Joe Blogs down the road but to take on the world and win new business. Of course, if you hNave a restaurant in Wimbledon then a restaurant in Birmingham is not going to be directly competing but if you are selling rare coins online in Wimbledon and selling rare coins online in Amsterdam, then those two businesses are in direct competition. There is no doubt that marketing online can be a daunting task, which is why you should not venture out without the guidance of a digital marketing internet scout.

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Digital Agencies: The Key Route To Designing An Iconic Brand

Inbound links, as every digital agency in London knows, offer the key to building a brand. There are many types of inbound links and it is by forming a cohesive strategy that links form invisible threads that really do act like a spider’s web for catching customers.

Any mountain, for real or a metaphor is tough to climb and the hardest step is always the first. The easiest place to begin marketing a brand is with the website and getting the website designed and written is key to taking the first step. But the website is only the first step on a long road to developing an iconic brand. Every website has two tasks that should engage the skills of your selected digital agency in London. The first task is to be search engine optimised with key words and key phrases so that the web pages are picked up by Google and other search engines. The search engine optimisation has to be skilfully applied to ensure that there is no key word stuffing or any other black hat procedures that could render the website off limits.

The second most important aspect to building an iconic brand on-line is to ensure that the website is user-friendly; that it looks good on the eye; is easy to navigate and that the tone of the design and copy is appealing from the home page right through to payment. Many websites that are set up for ecommerce business are friendly in tone until checkout and then suddenly adopt an officious approach to extracting customers’ personal details. If a customer does not wish to reveal his or her age, some websites do not permit the sale to proceed, not only losing a customer but also losing good word of mouth.

Ecommerce development in London undertaken by digital agencies usually recommend that ecommerce websites are fully tested not by partners and friends but by impartial shoppers to determine whether the navigation really is as obvious as people think. It is also crucial that contact details are easily available and that your website offers a good returns policy.

Venturing into space

Assuming that your ecommerce platform is on the way to being the best it can be, your London digital agency will begin to build your brand through all the channels available on-line some, of which, cost money and some, of which, are free. On-line marketing entails selling via many, many, tiny inroads and at times it can be frustrating. For example, your digital design agency will no doubt wish to develop your iconic brand on social networking websites such as Face book, Twitter and Linked-In and through carefully written, key word rich, off-site articles that are placed on third party publishing websites such as Hub, Squidoo and Ezine Articles. There is also a good case for creating a number of new websites, each on a particular theme or subject to which newly written blogs or articles are posted that also have inbound links to your central website.

Other areas for on-line marketing and building an iconic brand include on-line directories, affiliate marketing, sponsored links and viral marketing. It is too much work for any individual, even one that is internet savvy, to undertake whilst also running a business, which is why in the hands of a top internet marketing agency, it is possible to drive traffic and build an iconic brand that lasts.

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Are You Googling “Ecommerce Digital Agency”?

Are you prepared for the main events? Neither the City nor the MPC at the Bank of England saw the banking crisis coming, just like the naysayers at your High Street bank cannot see why the bank should finance your organization to take advantage of this truly unique year. Bankers, City Analysts, Stoke Brokers and TV financial pundits all have one thing in common – their ignorance of what is going to happen in the world is only matched by their puffed up arrogance. The doom mongers are still being paid to spout negative predictions regarding the UK economy without knowing what they are talking about because they keep looking backwards at yesterday’s figures and cannot see that times are already changing for the better. The green shoots are still underground sheltering from the financial freeze but they are going to rise up in abundance with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

If your ecommerce digital agency isn’t already on the case preparing to help your organization maximize the potential of this unique year then get together with the e-marketers within the ecommerce agency in London and give them the wherewithal to plan a cohesive strategy.

First of all, your digital agency in London needs to optimize your website so that it not only attracts new visitors but it converts them into paying customers or at least persuades them to leave their details within an online form. Next, your ecommerce digital design agency in London needs to ensure that your email and viral marketing campaigns are prepared and ready to be launched at the optimum moments and that your social networking is fully implemented. There are many free platforms out there in the virtual world and not making full use of them is crazy. Of course, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube et al have all happened so fast it is not surprising that there are business people who are running full tilt just to stand still.

If you feel that all the never-ending online innovations are simply overwhelming you are most certainly not alone; a recent confession from the MD of a digital agency London included the comment that he feels as though he’s slipped behind if he goes away on holiday, even for a couple of weeks.

That feeling of fear at being left behind is typical of the panic that the internet can engender but it is also a wonderful tool for turning the fortunes of an ailing business around. Almost within the blink of a mouse, the internet can bring in fresh traffic, paying customers even at a time of great austerity. However, 2012 is not going to return business to how it was before 2007, but there is no doubt that working with an ecommerce digital design and marketing agency to raise your organization profile online, you will succeed in generating more business than in 2011.

Do not waste time talking to your bank’s business advisor – if the person knew anything worth telling, they would be filling their own boots with loot. Nobody knows anything, least of all bankers, politicians and City analysts. In other words, follow your gut instinct and maximize your organization potential in the uniquely wonderful year of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympics.

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A Digital Agency In London For Olympic Gold!

Your 24-hour business

It doesn’t take an E-commerce digital agency to tell you that E-commerce has more than come of age. It is hard to remember that when London won the Olympics bid against Paris on July 6, 2005, hardly anyone shopped on-line. Today, hardly anyone hasn’t shopped on-line at some point and the business of E-commerce development is the fast growing business in the world. The only way to ensure that your organization maximizes its on-line potential, especially in this Olympics year of 2012, is to find a winning digital agency in London and go for gold.

The famous playwright, Oscar Wilde once said that there is only one thing worse than being talked about and that’s not being talked about. The whole point of marketing on-line is to get your organization and your products or services talked about on Twitter, Face book, You Tube and a plethora of existing and soon-to-exist platforms that your digital design and marketing agency will guide you towards. Internet chatter is what everyone craves whether it is a massive star such as Madonna selling her debut feature as writer and director, or Lady Gaga releasing her next album.

Creating a buzz on-line is what internet marketing is partly about but for more “everyday” items it is also about utilizing search engine optimization to maximum effect so that Google and the other search engines have no choice but to place your organization high up the free search rankings. Getting on page one of a Google search is what every organization craves and it is possible with a skilfully contrived on-line marketing campaign that includes writing blogs and off site search engine optimized articles, affiliate marketing, link building, advertising and pay per click, email and viral marketing, and developing a following on social media platforms.

To achieve optimum on-line results, it is key to select a digital agency London that has comprehensive internet marketing skills, complemented with design flair so that when visitors are driven to your website, your new found customers buy your goods. An E-commerce digital agency worth its pixels will develop a comprehensive on-line marketing strategy that really will pay for itself many times over. One thing that is apparent with regard to the internet is that simply having a good website is not enough; simply having good products or services is not enough; but if you have the aforementioned and a top digital design and marketing agency in your team, you do have enough to turn the world of the internet into your oyster.

In these dark days of London’s winter, there are green shoots appearing in the UK economy which will blossom and grow throughout the year. To ensure that your organization fills its coffers with Olympic loot and develops a momentum into 2013 and beyond, now is the time to work with a design and marketing E-commerce agency to plan and implement your finest internet marketing strategy to date.

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SEO Trends You Should Follow Whilst Developing A Website

SEO trends

Businesses that follow trends are not usually market leaders. A top digital agency in London will not necessarily follow SEO trends but will most certainly be aware of them. E-commerce is a complex business and driving traffic to websites is a never ending task. The sole purpose of Google and the minor search engines is to provide the most accurate search results for searchers whilst also making the most money from sponsored links through Pay Per Click.

The latest trend that every digital agency London will be aware of is that of content; content within websites has to be refreshed on an agonisingly frequent basis. The fresher the copy, the greater the Google interest; one of the ways to keep on-site copy fresh is to blog everyday utilising key words that are popularly search and also long tail key words that are searched only occasionally. The most popular key words will not bring in custom, owing to the intense competition, but in conjunction with long tail key words they will add weight to your website’s ranking.

The truth is, Google likes to keep eCommerce development in London and elsewhere in the world on its toes by continually changing the rules; rules that are never written down. After all, there is nothing stopping a website from key word stuffing apart from the fact that it will have a negative effect within the search rankings. Google likes to refresh the order of searches on a regular basis and so rankings can easily change from one month to the next. The notion is that new pages inserted within websites can be picked up by Google and alter the search ranking more effectively today than the Google of old.


A Search Engine’s Results Page offers a route to checking the validity or frequency within your website and competitors’ websites of certain key words. The results include a listing of the web pages that have been located by the search engine containing the relevant key words or key phrases, providing an insight to design and marketing agencies as to the effectiveness of certain key words.

Your ecommerce digital agency will know that primary search engines examine the content of web pages first and then take a look at meta tags. It should be noted that search engines cache web pages when they are required for frequent searches and often only display the cached pages rather than refreshed / live pages. The idea is that by caching pages, the search results will be quicker, although the information contained within the pages can be out of date by hours, days or even weeks. Often, new websites simply do not feature even when a URL is included in the search box.

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Are Long Tail Keywords Really Effective?

Is the tail wagging the words?

Many people in business looking at 2012 as the year to turn their flagging fortunes around, will not necessarily have heard the expression “long tail keywords”. You could be forgiven for imagining that the term refers to the length of the key phrases; in other words, utilising key words in longer phrases in the hope that the search engines will boost the positioning of the website because more searched key words exist in a particular phrase. In truth, long tail key words refer to the graph used to examine the key words that are searched for a particular topic. The most popular key words that a digital agency of London may analyse will be at the apex of a graph, if it were drawn, with the words securing the fewest searches at the tail ends of the graph. That is where the expression comes from: long tail key words are simply words that are Googled less frequently.

The next question that a business may ask of its ecommerce agency in London is “what is the point of using long tail key words if they are rarely searched?” One answer as to why long tail key words can be effective is that they do attract some custom, whereas, the most popular of the search words and terms are so competitive that the average website is too far down the search pages to be seen. If somebody is looking for a copywriter in London, the competition for “copywriter in London” is so intense that most copywriters living in London would not be found as hundreds would be above them in Google’s search rankings. However, if somebody searched for a “copywriter in Clonmore”, any copywriters in Clonmore Street, London, would only have to compete with the very few copywriters that come up in the search rankings that are located in Clonmore, County Tipperary in the Republic of Ireland. Of course very few people looking for a copywriter in London would include the search term “Clonmore”, but if they did, then the sole copywriter that lives in that street would receive a visit. In other words, one visit every now and then is better than no visits owing to the fact that “copywriter London” is too competitive.

An ecommerce agency in London when advising a client about key words and key phrases has to balance budget against the value of long tail key words. For example, a small business with limited funds may not be able to handle a great rush of enquiries and so a few customers brought in free via Google’s searches is all that is required. However, a larger organisation that wants lots of traffic and has deeper pockets may decide that it wants to utilise the keywords that are searched most often and by a mix of effective distribution of offsite search engine optimised articles, advertising on third party websites, and Pay Per Click in Google’s sponsored links, the organisation receives hundreds, if not thousands, of enquiries.

Perhaps long tail key words as described by the average London digital agency is a bit of a misnomer and that the term “niche key words” more accurately describes their value. Of course, it should always be remembered that there is never a magic bullet with regard to the internet; driving traffic always requires a multi-pronged approach.

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Is your digital agency in London a bespoke fit for you?

Find an agency befit for your company

Online marketing is changing and developing so fast, that unless your digital design agency follows every change, every online nuance, your organisation will lag behind.


Branding is key to the success of most organisations and branding online is vitally important. People surfing online are bombarded with images and so it is vital that your online branding is clear and distinct. When you search online for a ‘digital agency London’, make sure that the agency understands that branding is at the top of your web design requirements.


Your website is the be all and end all of your business; it is a tool for attracting visitors and an argument for making them want to buy your goods or services. It is also a checkout that has to be simple and safe to be effective or else shoppers will abandon their baskets.

Flash animation

Flash is important in terms of creating a sophisticated image but search engines cannot see Flash and too much can be off-putting, so your e-commerce digital agency should use the Flash program with discretion.


Websites should be updated every day if your search engine optimisation is to remain optimised. It can be expensive to have your ecommerce agency London inputting changes on a daily basis and so it is important to have an easy to use content management system that key members of your staff understand and operate.

Your website and beyond

For your website not to be a wallflower it is important for your London digital agency to implement effective online marketing strategies such as Pay Per Click, key word research and analysis, the development of effective email campaigns, social media optimisation such as Facebook and Twitter, link building and the creation of a network of affiliates. All of the above if handled by a top ecommerce agency will drive traffic to your website. The process of generating traffic takes time but once there is momentum the change to your website’s footfall can be dramatic.

Talk and keep talking

We live in a communication age; a time when communicating has never been easier or more abundant. For your website to have a voice online it is important that you keep the lines of communication open with your chosen digital agency. As the seasons come and go, your online strategy will change and develop, but only if your digital design agency is fully up to speed with your hopes and expectations. Analysing your most direct competition is something that your digital agency should be on top of at all times as customers come and go with surprising lack of loyalty. To maintain loyalty, you have to keep talking to your digital designers so that your online marketing and web design are always at their optimum.


Ongoing training for your staff with regard to maintaining and updating your website is important for your ongoing emarketing success especially if you have varying departments, each with its own particular style and expertise.

Finally…. if you follow the tips listed above, and work with a top digital design agency, your online business will grow and flourish.

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