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7 Important Benefits Of Using A Full Service Digital Agency

Digital Agency London

Everyone is a specialist in their own field but the internet has made us all believe that we can be specialists online too, which is simply not the case. When you hire the services of a UK digital agency, you will be paying for expertise in an area of marketing quicksilver that is impossible to fully comprehend unless it is your job to do so. A London Ecommerce digital agency faces fresh challenges everyday when it comes to marketing their clients’ products and services online. The internet is a world that is as big as the Pacific Ocean; in other words, it is beautiful when lapping palm-fringed shores with blindingly white sand but hides online monsters such as Great White Sharks and can turn a ripple into a mighty wave that can overwhelm the shrewdest of business people.

If you are looking to improve your online presence; i.e. thinking of ways to make your website more appealing to search engines and visitors; there are seven reasons why a London digital agency can make all the difference to the effectiveness of your online presence:

  1. Search Engine Optimisation – SEO is not simply pumping key words into your website’s body copy, these days it has to be undertaken much more subtly if you are to avoid being black listed for keyword stuffing. SEO is a science that is changing all the time and includes not just the copy within your website but other aspects of it too. Beyond your website, SEO can play a major role in the placement of articles on third party websites and within news stories and blogs on your own. How SEO is utilised within your web copy and deployed on third-party websites by your digital marketing agency can make all the difference to your free ranking.

  1. Pay Per Click – there is no doubt that Pay Per Click is a route to attracting customers but how it is handled can radically affect the number of zeros in your bill from Google and elsewhere. PPC is definitely an area of the internet that involves a great deal of skill as bidding for keywords in order to climb high amongst the sponsored links can be frustrating and costly if key words are not selected with proper research.

  1. Link building – much is spoken of creating links but it has to be undertaken with a serious level of intelligent design. It also requires a great many relevant links to work and is a painstaking process to undertake. Link building is definitely one of those areas that should be undertaken by experts as the extensive time it can take building the links yourself could seriously damage your business in the short-term. Linking building is not a case of simply stating that you’ll have theirs if they’ll have yours.

  1. Social Media Optimisation – everyone in business is obsessed with social media and Twitter has definitely come of age. Facebook is still king but there are many other social media avenues that should be explored, which takes time and experience. Your online agency will have the skills and knowledge to exploit social media websites effectively, including big names such as YouTube and Bebo, but social media optimisation is more scientific than simply building a long list of friends on Facebook.

  1. Email campaigns – nobody likes to receive spam and so an email campaign needs to be legal before it can begin to be effective. Your design and marketing agency can help you ensure that your database is legally acquired and that your email marketing campaigns will not get caught by spam filters. There is a real marketing skill to getting responses from a well-planned and executed email campaign. Sometimes, the more ordinary the approach the better the result; it all depends on your product and your audience.

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An Ecommerce Digital Agency Offers More Than You Think

The internet is open for business – but are you venturing in alone? What makes the internet so appealing as a global market place is that it never closes; in the years since the turn of the century, what started out as a dot come bubble has developed into the biggest global marketplace, beyond the imaginings of any one person.

It is a pixel jungle full of opportunity together with quite a few jungle traps that can ensnare the unwary trader. Jungle guides are clever website designers that have developed their skills into becoming an ecommerce digital agency scout, who understands all the sights, smells and sounds that the internet jungle makes. It may be a cliché but it is all too easy when walking alone through the jungle not to be able to see the wood for the trees and to end up going round and round in circles.

A digital agency in London that has looked beyond designing websites and embraced all that the internet jungle has to offer, will guide its clients to finding Inca gold or to tap the best rubber trees. Enough of the metaphors!

The internet, the global marketplace, the dark alleyways where opportunity and trouble lurk in equal measures is where every business has to trade today to stay in business. In the real world of hotels and restaurants, places where goods cannot be supplied from the other side of the world, ecommerce development comes with a double bladed sword; the good ecommerce development is when your digital agency London has created enough online attention to drive traffic to your website and customers to your restaurant or hotel, but the bad ecommerce development is when a competitor restaurateur or hotelier encourages friends to bad mouth your hotel or restaurant on internet platforms such as Trip Advisor and within social networks and chat rooms.

Your personal ecommerce digital agency will know that it is impossible to stop the poison pen contributors online but with a proper strategy, those voices spouting untruths can easily be swamped with good word of mouth. At one time, in the heady days of yesteryear, it was said that all publicity is good publicity but that isn’t the case anymore. The anonymity of the internet does bring out the worst in some people but that is to be expected; not everyone can be a fan whether it is a fan of a newly released novel, or music CD or feature film, there will always be dissenting voices but they can be made to count for little if your marketing strategy is organised and co-ordinated by an ecommerce digital design and marketing agency that really can see the wood through the trees.

Competition for attention is incredibly fierce online because we are no longer operating in our own little areas of the globe; we are all in this together, whether it is a business person in New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, India or England – we’re online together, honing our skills not to beat Joe Blogs down the road but to take on the world and win new business. Of course, if you hNave a restaurant in Wimbledon then a restaurant in Birmingham is not going to be directly competing but if you are selling rare coins online in Wimbledon and selling rare coins online in Amsterdam, then those two businesses are in direct competition. There is no doubt that marketing online can be a daunting task, which is why you should not venture out without the guidance of a digital marketing internet scout.

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A Digital Agency In London For Olympic Gold!

Your 24-hour business

It doesn’t take an E-commerce digital agency to tell you that E-commerce has more than come of age. It is hard to remember that when London won the Olympics bid against Paris on July 6, 2005, hardly anyone shopped on-line. Today, hardly anyone hasn’t shopped on-line at some point and the business of E-commerce development is the fast growing business in the world. The only way to ensure that your organization maximizes its on-line potential, especially in this Olympics year of 2012, is to find a winning digital agency in London and go for gold.

The famous playwright, Oscar Wilde once said that there is only one thing worse than being talked about and that’s not being talked about. The whole point of marketing on-line is to get your organization and your products or services talked about on Twitter, Face book, You Tube and a plethora of existing and soon-to-exist platforms that your digital design and marketing agency will guide you towards. Internet chatter is what everyone craves whether it is a massive star such as Madonna selling her debut feature as writer and director, or Lady Gaga releasing her next album.

Creating a buzz on-line is what internet marketing is partly about but for more “everyday” items it is also about utilizing search engine optimization to maximum effect so that Google and the other search engines have no choice but to place your organization high up the free search rankings. Getting on page one of a Google search is what every organization craves and it is possible with a skilfully contrived on-line marketing campaign that includes writing blogs and off site search engine optimized articles, affiliate marketing, link building, advertising and pay per click, email and viral marketing, and developing a following on social media platforms.

To achieve optimum on-line results, it is key to select a digital agency London that has comprehensive internet marketing skills, complemented with design flair so that when visitors are driven to your website, your new found customers buy your goods. An E-commerce digital agency worth its pixels will develop a comprehensive on-line marketing strategy that really will pay for itself many times over. One thing that is apparent with regard to the internet is that simply having a good website is not enough; simply having good products or services is not enough; but if you have the aforementioned and a top digital design and marketing agency in your team, you do have enough to turn the world of the internet into your oyster.

In these dark days of London’s winter, there are green shoots appearing in the UK economy which will blossom and grow throughout the year. To ensure that your organization fills its coffers with Olympic loot and develops a momentum into 2013 and beyond, now is the time to work with a design and marketing E-commerce agency to plan and implement your finest internet marketing strategy to date.

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A London digital agency is the ideal portal for marketing online

The sharpest minds in the world

At the time of writing, the UK is struggling to punch its way out of its severe recession and not destroy the career opportunities of a million or more young people that cannot find work. In the last ten years, before the average London digital agency was a pixel in the eye of its beholder, the European union opened its doors to eastern European countries and millions came to the UK; clever, hard working multilingual people started to compete head on with British workers.

In the early years of the last decade, it was often commented that British people were either too lazy or too uneducated to work in jobs now undertaken by people from Poland and other countries such as the Czech Republic. However, in the last five years, as the economy in the UK has slowed and unemployment has risen, the advent of broadband spreading like a web across the world has opened UK businesses to online competition that would have been impossible at the turn of the century. Today, to fight the growing threat of companies based outside of the UK but operating within the UK taking custom and profits from British organisations, the drive has been to meet the challenge head on by employing the sharpest minds in ecommerce development and digital design.

Today, a top ecommerce agency in London will hire superb business brains living in the capital and complement their skills with the finest internet marketing brains located abroad. In order for British companies to challenge the global competition that the internet has brought to this country, British companies are employing digital marketing agencies that understand how global organisations function on the web and are experts in the process of internet marketing.

Communication is simple thanks to the digital revolution but the new world order is creating problems for business people who have yet to come to terms with how the world has changed. Following World War II, the way business was done in the UK remained mostly unchanged until 2005. In the last five or six years, universal broadband has delivered services into people’s homes that were unimaginable at the turn of the 21st century.

Unfortunately, our exciting digital revolution has coincided with the global financial meltdown and the pace of change has left many businesses still trying to climb on board the internet train.

Recently, the shopping guru, Mary Portas, delivered her assessment of town shopping centres that are dying through loss of business to out of town shopping and entertainment malls and to online sales driven by organisations such as Amazon and iTunes. Mary Portas produced some good ideas for reviving town centres that are considered innovative as she is not trying to turn the clocks back. Her solution is not to challenge the internet but for town centres to offer people services and entertainment that cannot easily be replicated online.

Where to go in 2012

The internet is here to stay and expand; the answer for British businesses trying to keep abreast of Search Engine Optimisation, email marketing, Pay Per Click, Social networks and a plethora of other internet activity is to hire the very best London digital agency and turn competition from abroad into an opportunity that can see a UK business expand at rates undreamed of in the 1960s.

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Responsibilities of an e-commerce web developer in real time

The best ecommerce development will give you real time reporting on the detailed activities of your website’s visitors and customers.

Click by real time click :

Your chosen ecommerce digital agency should have the skills and experience to monitor your ecommerce platform in real time so that you can see the way that your website impacts on your visitors and customers.

You should receive comprehensive reports that provide lists of recent and current online visitors and customers to your website. Each person clicking their way around your site will be represented within the report so that you can fully comprehend the visitor streams.

Your ecommerce development agency should combine the roles of online marketer, web developer, analyser and usability expert in order to comprehensively report what is happening in real time on your website so that your customers can be tracked as they view, click and buy. New and returning customers can be observed as they add items to their basket, read articles and blogs, subscribe to your newsletter, click on links to videos, share pages with friends and write comments within forms.

Your website’s comings and goings :

A perfect ecommerce development process includes online analytics that can tell you whether a visitor is new to your website or returning. An e-commerce developer can see in real time the entry and exit of customers, which products converted them to buy and at what points on their journey through your website they clicked and left. This kind of information is invaluable, especially when it is delivered in real time as it can convey key seasonal trends; it also enables your web developer to make your website faster and more efficient; i.e. if a particular link within your site is slow to load then that may be the point when your potential customers decide to leave.

Precise information in real time enables your web development team to make alterations to the functionality of your website so that time is not lost together with potential customers. In the weeks up to Christmas or Easter, no organisation can afford to miss out on a single trading day which is why optimising the shopping experience of your ecommerce site is crucial to ensuring that new visitors become returning visitors and returning visitors become buying customers.

A London digital agency will employ the very best in marketing strategies to ensure you get the biggest bang for your buck but you must also be equally sure that your web design London located agency is skilled in building and optimising your website.

Searching questions :

Another key responsibility of your web developer is to track and monitor the search terms and key words that were used to find your product or service. This will help you choose the right key words for your website’s search engine optimisation.

Advertising and pay per click :

Most organisations do not have a clear idea as to the effectiveness of a particular online advertisement compared to off-site articles and blogs. If your web ecommerce developer has the skills, then it is another crucial tool for your online marketing campaign to have a full understanding of the effectiveness of one Ad over another Ad, or one hub page against another hub page. Understanding the whys and wherefores that bring customers to your website will help you fine tune your products and services and overall customer experience.

Utilising the expertise of your London ecommerce digital agency so that you know where your traffic comes from, including global locations, will save you money through being able to determine which online marketing campaigns work and which ones don’t. Knowledge, when it comes to marketing and selling online, really is power and an e-commerce web developer monitoring your website in real time can give you the power to understand the type of people and organisations that are visiting your site. 

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