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Another day, another platform

The Managing Director of a top digital agency in London was quoted the other week as having stated that he hates to go away on holiday as even after two weeks he knows that there will have been yet another big development on the internet. The truth is; he is both right and wrong. Every day, there are new developments On-line and if a week is a long time in politics it is an age on the internet. It is the job of an E-commerce agency in London to keep up to speed with everything that may affect the internet marketing of its clients’ businesses but it is impossible to keep abreast of every single innovation, for one simple reason: the internet is global. The Managing Director is right to be concerned, interested by what goes on On-line, because that is his business, but he is also wrong to consider that every change, every new development, every new whim by Google, should have his agency scuttling around to make sense of it.

It is quite easy to believe that Google rules the world but there are people behind that organization, which, by the way, would not exist if the power goes out. If there is a power cut, people’s houses do not disappear; but Google does. If there is a power cut the food on your table doesn’t disappear; but Google does. If there is a power cut, your car is still outside your house, but Google cannot be found. The point is that people cannot live by Google alone although many feel that they cannot exist if they are not On-line. That feeling of panic when a server goes down is felt by everyone who relies on the internet to survive but if a business is going to thrive in 2012, internet marketing should be handled by those people who make it their business to seek out the best routes to driving traffic and custom to an E-commerce website.

A digital agency London will want its clients to focus on creating the best products or services they can and to enable the internet marketing experts within the E-commerce agency to battle through the latest innovations on their behalf. There has never been a time when so many people have had to absorb so many technical innovations that have a direct impact on their lives. The lesson that we all have to learn is that human nature doesn’t really change and that if the Managing Director of a Ecommerce digital agency wants to take a couple of weeks off, somewhere in the virtual world people will have created something new, such as Google+, but what won’t have changed is the nature of the humans that use the internet.

Nobody wants to be a Luddite, no digital E-commerce marketing expert wants to be ignorant of the latest innovation; but to function well, to not chase virtual tails, it is important for all that live by the internet to appreciate that behind every innovation is just another human mind. It doesn’t mean that internet marketing isn’t crucial to On-line success – it is – but it is also important to retain a calm approach, to not feel rising panic when a clever mind across the world comes up with a brilliant idea. We do live in a global village and it must be remembered that for every brilliant idea for making money On-line, there are a hundred lousy ones. The trick is, not to spend precious time chasing ideas that will eventually wither on the virtual vine. In other words, we must all keep a sense of proportion.

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Are Long Tail Keywords Really Effective?

Is the tail wagging the words?

Many people in business looking at 2012 as the year to turn their flagging fortunes around, will not necessarily have heard the expression “long tail keywords”. You could be forgiven for imagining that the term refers to the length of the key phrases; in other words, utilising key words in longer phrases in the hope that the search engines will boost the positioning of the website because more searched key words exist in a particular phrase. In truth, long tail key words refer to the graph used to examine the key words that are searched for a particular topic. The most popular key words that a digital agency of London may analyse will be at the apex of a graph, if it were drawn, with the words securing the fewest searches at the tail ends of the graph. That is where the expression comes from: long tail key words are simply words that are Googled less frequently.

The next question that a business may ask of its ecommerce agency in London is “what is the point of using long tail key words if they are rarely searched?” One answer as to why long tail key words can be effective is that they do attract some custom, whereas, the most popular of the search words and terms are so competitive that the average website is too far down the search pages to be seen. If somebody is looking for a copywriter in London, the competition for “copywriter in London” is so intense that most copywriters living in London would not be found as hundreds would be above them in Google’s search rankings. However, if somebody searched for a “copywriter in Clonmore”, any copywriters in Clonmore Street, London, would only have to compete with the very few copywriters that come up in the search rankings that are located in Clonmore, County Tipperary in the Republic of Ireland. Of course very few people looking for a copywriter in London would include the search term “Clonmore”, but if they did, then the sole copywriter that lives in that street would receive a visit. In other words, one visit every now and then is better than no visits owing to the fact that “copywriter London” is too competitive.

An ecommerce agency in London when advising a client about key words and key phrases has to balance budget against the value of long tail key words. For example, a small business with limited funds may not be able to handle a great rush of enquiries and so a few customers brought in free via Google’s searches is all that is required. However, a larger organisation that wants lots of traffic and has deeper pockets may decide that it wants to utilise the keywords that are searched most often and by a mix of effective distribution of offsite search engine optimised articles, advertising on third party websites, and Pay Per Click in Google’s sponsored links, the organisation receives hundreds, if not thousands, of enquiries.

Perhaps long tail key words as described by the average London digital agency is a bit of a misnomer and that the term “niche key words” more accurately describes their value. Of course, it should always be remembered that there is never a magic bullet with regard to the internet; driving traffic always requires a multi-pronged approach.

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A London digital agency is the ideal portal for marketing online

The sharpest minds in the world

At the time of writing, the UK is struggling to punch its way out of its severe recession and not destroy the career opportunities of a million or more young people that cannot find work. In the last ten years, before the average London digital agency was a pixel in the eye of its beholder, the European union opened its doors to eastern European countries and millions came to the UK; clever, hard working multilingual people started to compete head on with British workers.

In the early years of the last decade, it was often commented that British people were either too lazy or too uneducated to work in jobs now undertaken by people from Poland and other countries such as the Czech Republic. However, in the last five years, as the economy in the UK has slowed and unemployment has risen, the advent of broadband spreading like a web across the world has opened UK businesses to online competition that would have been impossible at the turn of the century. Today, to fight the growing threat of companies based outside of the UK but operating within the UK taking custom and profits from British organisations, the drive has been to meet the challenge head on by employing the sharpest minds in ecommerce development and digital design.

Today, a top ecommerce agency in London will hire superb business brains living in the capital and complement their skills with the finest internet marketing brains located abroad. In order for British companies to challenge the global competition that the internet has brought to this country, British companies are employing digital marketing agencies that understand how global organisations function on the web and are experts in the process of internet marketing.

Communication is simple thanks to the digital revolution but the new world order is creating problems for business people who have yet to come to terms with how the world has changed. Following World War II, the way business was done in the UK remained mostly unchanged until 2005. In the last five or six years, universal broadband has delivered services into people’s homes that were unimaginable at the turn of the 21st century.

Unfortunately, our exciting digital revolution has coincided with the global financial meltdown and the pace of change has left many businesses still trying to climb on board the internet train.

Recently, the shopping guru, Mary Portas, delivered her assessment of town shopping centres that are dying through loss of business to out of town shopping and entertainment malls and to online sales driven by organisations such as Amazon and iTunes. Mary Portas produced some good ideas for reviving town centres that are considered innovative as she is not trying to turn the clocks back. Her solution is not to challenge the internet but for town centres to offer people services and entertainment that cannot easily be replicated online.

Where to go in 2012

The internet is here to stay and expand; the answer for British businesses trying to keep abreast of Search Engine Optimisation, email marketing, Pay Per Click, Social networks and a plethora of other internet activity is to hire the very best London digital agency and turn competition from abroad into an opportunity that can see a UK business expand at rates undreamed of in the 1960s.

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Key insight into how a digital agency pushes the creative boundary of a website

Today, you can easily find a London Ecommerce digital agency that knows the basics when it comes to creating a website; but, if you want a website that works to optimum levels for both customers and search engines, then you need to find a digital agency that has the expertise to push creative boundaries whilst ensuring that the website design, build and content is 100% Search Engine Optimized.

Ecommerce Agency London

Website beauty and the search engine beast
To some extent, beauty really is in the eye of the beholder and what looks good to one person may not look good to another.  Search engines are equally discerning but, also, a bit more rational.  In other words, the beauty of a website in the eyes of Google can be analysed and implemented to ensure optimum online exposure.

A quick search online and you will find a London ecommerce digital agency that has the skills to create a website that functions well in terms of attracting traffic but may be lacklustre when it comes to converting traffic into sales. When a potential customer walks into a High Street shop, the fact that the shop has a roof, windows, doors and heating is expected. In other words, sophisticated online shoppers are no longer wowed by the internet experience; they expect websites to have a roof, doors, windows, heating and clear directions to other floors and departments. The website bar has been raised to a level that people expect the same website usability, whether they are wandering around Marks and Spencer online or visiting your virtual store. The fact that they were led to your ecommerce website via a search engine is immaterial to your customers who regard buying online these days as normal as buying a pint of milk from a corner shop.

Choose your digital agency in London with the same care that you choose the purchase of a new car; although you may like a bit of Flash and some great styling, the fact that the car engine purrs into life is equally important.  After all, there is no point buying a Ferrari and for it to drive like a Fiat; if your website looks fantastic, you need to be sure that the mechanics that you cannot see are equally as good.  Search engines are blind; they feel their way through your website but your customers are different; the look, the style, the creativity and usability of your website can make all the difference between a swift sale and a swift exit.

Pushing the creative boundary
There was a time, not so long ago, when design was all about hitting customers between the eyes. Home pages and landing pages were rich in content that looked exciting but was completely devoid of focus. First impressions always count and the first impression that your website should give is your company’s corporate identity.  This is where good design fuses with brand identity to create a environment of trust and simplicity. Too much choice by way of too many distracting images will kill your landing pages. A good website takes your visitors by the hand and through creativity and design structure guides them to where they want to go.

Designed to sell
An ecommerce digital agency that truly understands people as well as Google will marry great search engine optimization with a design expertise that is fresh and original but also simple in approach. An all singing and an all dancing website can be overwhelming and your goods and services may well get lost amongst the fast-moving Flash.

A top quality ecommerce agency in London will retain and enhance your online image / brand personality, complemented by a clear design that is attractive on the eye, simple to use and works well under the bonnet. Pushing the creative boundary of website design can often be summed up as “less is more”.

Gobedigital is one of the best digital agency London as well as ecommerce digital agency that promises to offer complete ecommerce website solutions without compromise.

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