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7 important benefits of using a full service digital agency


Whether you are using a digital marketing agency based overseas or a London digital agency, there are seven major benefits from employing the services of online design and marketing professionals.

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Everyone is a specialist in their own field but the internet has made us all believe that we can be specialists online too, which is simply not the case. When you hire the services of a UK digital agency, you will be paying for expertise in an area of marketing quicksilver that is impossible to fully comprehend unless it is your job to do so. A London web agency faces fresh challenges everyday when it comes to marketing their clients’ products and services online. The internet is a world that is as big as the Pacific Ocean; in other words, it is beautiful when lapping palm-fringed shores with blindingly white sand but hides online monsters such as Great White Sharks and can turn a ripple into a mighty wave that can overwhelm the shrewdest of business people.

If you are looking to improve your online presence; i.e. thinking of ways to make your website more appealing to search engines and visitors; there are seven reasons why a London digital agency can make all the difference to the effectiveness of your online presence:

  1. Search Engine Optimisation – SEO is not simply pumping key words into your website’s body copy, these days it has to be undertaken much more subtly if you are to avoid being black listed for keyword stuffing. SEO is a science that is changing all the time and includes not just the copy within your website but other aspects of it too. Beyond your website, SEO can play a major role in the placement of articles on third party websites and within news stories and blogs on your own. How SEO is utilised within your web copy and deployed on third-party websites by your digital marketing agency can make all the difference to your free ranking.

  1. Pay Per Click – there is no doubt that Pay Per Click is a route to attracting customers but how it is handled can radically affect the number of zeros in your bill from Google and elsewhere. PPC is definitely an area of the internet that involves a great deal of skill as bidding for keywords in order to climb high amongst the sponsored links can be frustrating and costly if key words are not selected with proper research.

  1. Link building – much is spoken of creating links but it has to be undertaken with a serious level of intelligent design. It also requires a great many relevant links to work and is a painstaking process to undertake. Link building is definitely one of those areas that should be undertaken by experts as the extensive time it can take building the links yourself could seriously damage your business in the short-term. Linking building is not a case of simply stating that you’ll have theirs if they’ll have yours.

  1. Social Media Optimisation – everyone in business is obsessed with social media and Twitter has definitely come of age. Facebook is still king but there are many other social media avenues that should be explored, which takes time and experience. Your online agency will have the skills and knowledge to exploit social media websites effectively, including big names such as YouTube and Bebo, but social media optimisation is more scientific than simply building a long list of friends on Facebook.

  1. Email campaigns – nobody likes to receive spam and so an email campaign needs to be legal before it can begin to be effective. Your design and marketing agency can help you ensure that your database is legally acquired and that your email marketing campaigns will not get caught by spam filters. There is a real marketing skill to getting responses from a well-planned and executed email campaign. Sometimes, the more ordinary the approach the better the result; it all depends on your product and your audience.

  1. Website design – a poorly constructed website will not be effective in attracting the attention of search engine spiders, crawlers or bots. If your website is to ping when a search term is inputted it has to be well-constructed both in terms of code and content. Of course, once visitors arrive at your site you want them to stay and buy; therefore, it is crucial for your marketing success that your website is designed logically, looks good to the eye and the buttons and links are clear to see. An all dancing Home page or Landing page may look exciting but it can be intimidating if several messages bombard your visitor all at once. Seduction is the key and drawing visitors into your site is the way to ensure that they stay around for a while and, hopefully, buy or get in contact.

  1. Design & Marketing – although most internet marketing companies will have design and marketing departments that integrate and complement each other, it is rare for a design department to be experts at online marketing or for a marketing department to be experts at website design. In other words, when selecting your digital design and marketing agency, it is important to select an organisation that is of a size to employ separate departments for each crucial job. The web designer will make your website look good and function well and your digital marketing expert will work to bring the world to your digital door.

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