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Digital Agencies: The Key Route To Designing An Iconic Brand

Inbound links, as every digital agency in London knows, offer the key to building a brand. There are many types of inbound links and it is by forming a cohesive strategy that links form invisible threads that really do act like a spider’s web for catching customers.

Any mountain, for real or a metaphor is tough to climb and the hardest step is always the first. The easiest place to begin marketing a brand is with the website and getting the website designed and written is key to taking the first step. But the website is only the first step on a long road to developing an iconic brand. Every website has two tasks that should engage the skills of your selected digital agency in London. The first task is to be search engine optimised with key words and key phrases so that the web pages are picked up by Google and other search engines. The search engine optimisation has to be skilfully applied to ensure that there is no key word stuffing or any other black hat procedures that could render the website off limits.

The second most important aspect to building an iconic brand on-line is to ensure that the website is user-friendly; that it looks good on the eye; is easy to navigate and that the tone of the design and copy is appealing from the home page right through to payment. Many websites that are set up for ecommerce business are friendly in tone until checkout and then suddenly adopt an officious approach to extracting customers’ personal details. If a customer does not wish to reveal his or her age, some websites do not permit the sale to proceed, not only losing a customer but also losing good word of mouth.

Ecommerce development in London undertaken by digital agencies usually recommend that ecommerce websites are fully tested not by partners and friends but by impartial shoppers to determine whether the navigation really is as obvious as people think. It is also crucial that contact details are easily available and that your website offers a good returns policy.

Venturing into space

Assuming that your ecommerce platform is on the way to being the best it can be, your London digital agency will begin to build your brand through all the channels available on-line some, of which, cost money and some, of which, are free. On-line marketing entails selling via many, many, tiny inroads and at times it can be frustrating. For example, your digital design agency will no doubt wish to develop your iconic brand on social networking websites such as Face book, Twitter and Linked-In and through carefully written, key word rich, off-site articles that are placed on third party publishing websites such as Hub, Squidoo and Ezine Articles. There is also a good case for creating a number of new websites, each on a particular theme or subject to which newly written blogs or articles are posted that also have inbound links to your central website.

Other areas for on-line marketing and building an iconic brand include on-line directories, affiliate marketing, sponsored links and viral marketing. It is too much work for any individual, even one that is internet savvy, to undertake whilst also running a business, which is why in the hands of a top internet marketing agency, it is possible to drive traffic and build an iconic brand that lasts.

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