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Responsibilities of an e-commerce web developer in real time

The best ecommerce development will give you real time reporting on the detailed activities of your website’s visitors and customers.

Click by real time click :

Your chosen ecommerce digital agency should have the skills and experience to monitor your ecommerce platform in real time so that you can see the way that your website impacts on your visitors and customers.

You should receive comprehensive reports that provide lists of recent and current online visitors and customers to your website. Each person clicking their way around your site will be represented within the report so that you can fully comprehend the visitor streams.

Your ecommerce development agency should combine the roles of online marketer, web developer, analyser and usability expert in order to comprehensively report what is happening in real time on your website so that your customers can be tracked as they view, click and buy. New and returning customers can be observed as they add items to their basket, read articles and blogs, subscribe to your newsletter, click on links to videos, share pages with friends and write comments within forms.

Your website’s comings and goings :

A perfect ecommerce development process includes online analytics that can tell you whether a visitor is new to your website or returning. An e-commerce developer can see in real time the entry and exit of customers, which products converted them to buy and at what points on their journey through your website they clicked and left. This kind of information is invaluable, especially when it is delivered in real time as it can convey key seasonal trends; it also enables your web developer to make your website faster and more efficient; i.e. if a particular link within your site is slow to load then that may be the point when your potential customers decide to leave.

Precise information in real time enables your web development team to make alterations to the functionality of your website so that time is not lost together with potential customers. In the weeks up to Christmas or Easter, no organisation can afford to miss out on a single trading day which is why optimising the shopping experience of your ecommerce site is crucial to ensuring that new visitors become returning visitors and returning visitors become buying customers.

A London digital agency will employ the very best in marketing strategies to ensure you get the biggest bang for your buck but you must also be equally sure that your web design London located agency is skilled in building and optimising your website.

Searching questions :

Another key responsibility of your web developer is to track and monitor the search terms and key words that were used to find your product or service. This will help you choose the right key words for your website’s search engine optimisation.

Advertising and pay per click :

Most organisations do not have a clear idea as to the effectiveness of a particular online advertisement compared to off-site articles and blogs. If your web ecommerce developer has the skills, then it is another crucial tool for your online marketing campaign to have a full understanding of the effectiveness of one Ad over another Ad, or one hub page against another hub page. Understanding the whys and wherefores that bring customers to your website will help you fine tune your products and services and overall customer experience.

Utilising the expertise of your London ecommerce digital agency so that you know where your traffic comes from, including global locations, will save you money through being able to determine which online marketing campaigns work and which ones don’t. Knowledge, when it comes to marketing and selling online, really is power and an e-commerce web developer monitoring your website in real time can give you the power to understand the type of people and organisations that are visiting your site. 

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